Speaking Engagements

For more on my speaking engagements checkout Speaker Deck for slides and Youtube for videos of previous talks.

1.     AR & VR means business a perspective for the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Commission.

Resource | Washington D.C., United States

2.     In this TEDx Tyson's talk Noble demonstrates how AR inspired a new way to document his family history through Google's ARCore technologies.

Resource | Virginia, United States

3.     During the 63rd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, I was invited to join a panel of thought leaders and international practitioners on the impact and opportunities the UN "ID for all" presents, and from a technical perspective, address the intersection of technical feasibility, standards, and privacy regulations such as the EU's GDPR.

Resource | Virginia, United States

4.     STEAM not STEM (where the A = Art) was my theme when I was approached to talk to students at Long Reach High School in Columbia MD. They learned how to build augmented reality development (Unity3D) entrepreneurship, and product design.

Resource | Maryland, United States

5.     Augmented reality allows you to create richer and more immersive experiences in your apps. At GDG Winnipeg's inaugural DevFest, Noble engages the audience of 45 attendees with a technical talk on ARCore.

Resource | Winnipeg, Canada

6.     In this interactive session, Noble Ackerson, a seasoned Technical Product Lead and GDE, shares insights with examples through a fun "choose your own adventure" technical talk (Bandersnatch-style), on how to build marker-based AR with Augmented Images to create experiences to transform data from the world into practical utility for your users.

Resource | Minneapolis, United States

7.     Noble speaks to Home Services Pros about the basics of Augmented Reality and the opportunities the technology brings to their businesses.

Resource | Virginia, United States

8.     In this talk, I’ll share opportunities to innovate, design and build around the growth in data, the growth in regulations like the EU's GDPR.

Resource | Virginia, United States

9.     Presented how my startup turned an idea into a business to scientists and technologists at NASA JSC.

Resource | Texas, United States

10.     Noble Ackerson + Allen Firstenberg "Dueling technologists :D" have a friendly debate on stage at DevFest DC.

Resource | Virginia, United States

11.     Panel discussion about diversity and inclusion in tech. Featuring IDEAA at the DC Code Kitchen, Alexandria VA

Resource | Virginia, United States

12.     An initial attempt to host my own Podcast. Lost Explorer conversations narrowly focused on catching up former Google Glass Explorers.

Resource | California, United States

13.     Talking to the fine folks at Government Executive during the Excellence in Government Podcast podcast about the Healthcare.gov debacle. 11/19/2013

Resource | Ohio, United States

14.     Presenting Lynxfit at SXSW Interactive hosted by Capital Factory "Move Your Startup to Austin" 03/07/2014

Resource | Texas, United States